Here is a rough outline of my itinerary – I’ll try to keep it updated as I go: 

August 24th — Stockholm stockholm-header



September — Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, Austria 

October — Munich, Switzerland, Italy


Stone building on an island on the lake in scenic Montenegro


November — Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro

December — Albania, Greece

January — Thailand 


February — Cambodia



March — Vietnam

April — South Korea

May — Japan

June — Singapore, Indonesia

July/August — TBD…

Places under consideration: Hong Kong, New Zealand, Europe round 2

Comments and suggestions (and visits!) are welcome and encouraged!


6 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Shiera Brady

    Fabulous Emily! What a great decision to wander the planet…as I like to call it. We’ll be in the Caribbean this winter and likely in the Mediterranean beginning April 2018. You always have a place to stay on Gémeaux–our floating home. Blog coming soon–I’m not as industrious as you:) Look forward to following your adventures.

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